The subject of science deals with the discovery of the laws of God. The laws of nature are unchangeable under the same conditions. The more we ponder over these laws – the better things we bring for mankind.


Science helps us immensely in our day to day life. From our alarm clock to health medicines – all are covered by science. At the same time, science has its own limitations. It will be a gross injustice to expect science to guide us in every aspect of life. The nature of science is such that it can not make us a better human emotionally and mentally.


For instance, science does not talk about moral values, ethics, or social behavior. It doesn’t talk about obeying one’s parents, loving one’s spouse, taking care of one’s children, or helping a needy.  Similarly, science doesn’t appeal to one’s conscience and doesn’t stop one from harming the other.  The most advanced science lab may have an HR policy of let us say, ‘Prevention Of Sexual Harassment’ at work. However, Science never taught us what morally correct sexual behavior is!


Though science is greatly needed in our day to day life, it doesn’t cover the bigger perspective of our existence such as:


1. What is the purpose of our life?


2. Which actions are beneficial and which ones are detrimental?


3. What laws to implement in order to get rid of poverty, drug addiction, rape, robbery, murder, etc.?


4. How to achieve ‘peace’ in life and society?


Science does not answer these relevant questions.  Therefore, we need an entity that covers a bigger domain than science as the basis of our knowledge. That is the ‘Guidance of Almighty God’. We need guidance from the one who has created mankind, someone who knows best what is good and what is bad for humanity as a whole, someone who is unbiased. 


Following the guidance of God is called the religion of God. And this guidance tells us to ponder over the laws and matter created by God and use them for oneself and for the social well being.