Can we worship sun and moon as they are beneficial?

There are different words and types of behavior – for different situations.

Respect, love, affection, submission, praise, admiration – are different words for different situations.You respect and love parents.

You praise a cricketer or someone’s act of bravery. But they can not replace your parents. You cant love them the way you love your parents.

You love your spouse but its not the way you love your neighbor.

You submit to God. Your whole life should be driven as per the guidance of God. 

God can not be replaced by anyone.

You show affection towards animals, this affection is not the same as that towards your child.

You admire the beauty of flowers, birds, sky, oceans, mountains, sun, moon etc. These things are proofs of a master designer whom we refer to as God.

Revolving and rotating planets, galaxies and the gigantic universe express the greatness of our creator.

So – who deserves admiration and who deserves worship?

Of course sun, moon, stars are creation and the one behind their creation is our creator.

We should worship God and love him most because he only gave us mother, father, spouse, flowers, birds, moon, stars etc.

Every breath we take is from the God.

When you love your parents and everything that you see around and you are not ready to acknowledge the creator – our Lord – who is the real reason behind our happiness then it is unjustified.

Balance act will be to admire sun, moon, flower, nature and worship to almighty God alone who created all these things.